Why 3D Virtual Tour Is Important For Real Estate Projects

Importance of 3D Virtual Reality:-


 Presenting the bigger real estate projects are somewhat difficult without the 3D representation of it. Earlier the apartment & township projects were shown to the clients & investors with the help of 3D Renderings but now a days 3D Virtual Tour is been used along with 3D Views. Its very important technical revolution in the industry, and virtual reallity is used almost in every industry. Virtual reality is the creation of the  virtual environment or surrounding in such a way so that one can experience that we were really moving there.

What is Virtual Reality ??

 The definition of Virtual Reality in technical terms as per the Wikipedia is, it is a computer-generated scenario or scenes that simulates experience through human senses and perception. The immersive & interactive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical. VR is like a dream that could take place in another magical world. This technology is evolving rapidly.

How 3D Virtual Reality benefits the real estate industry.


 In Real estate industry, the developer starts selling the properties or spaces in a project before they are actually constructed. The developers need to market these properties and attract clients. 3D Architectural Visualization is also been used by these people now a days for marketing along with the virtual walkthrough.

 Our Company 3D Power has recently worked on the 3D VR walkthrough for “Dholera Industrial Smart City”. Its a Special Investment region and a major project under the DMIC. It‘s a Smart City Project of a 920 Sq. Km. We have worked on 3D Views, 3D walkthrough rendering & did the complete visualization of the project along with the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our walkthrough has given the complete idea of the city, that how it will get developed in future & why to invest in this region.

Best 3D elevation
Best 3D elevation
Biggest Township Rendering
Biggest Township Rendering
New Township Walkthrough Animation
New Township Walkthrough Animation
Dholera Smart City 3D walkthrough
Dholera Smart City 3D walkthrough
3D Architectural Visualization of Dholera Smart City
3D Architectural Visualization of Dholera Smart City

See More Images:-http://www.3dpower.in/bungalow-design-rendering.html

Watch Out our 3D Walkthrough:-

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